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Overview editorial

Monitoring media coverage in real time and insights into the general editorial landscape

Competitive analysis

Monitoring competing news websites as a strategy to improve company performance to be ahead of competition


Monitoring different news sources to identify trends, scoops, exclusive news and also omissions of important coverages


Online media consulting

Brasil NewsCom provides data and tools for real-time monitoring of the editorial landscape

The company has been in the market since 2009 providing analysis, data and tools focused on content for major media web portals. UOL, the largest Brazilian online media company, has been one of its clients for more than ten years.

Media monitoring

Brasil NewsCom uses an exclusive tool that monitors news portals and saves the web pages 24/7

The company has maintained an hourly/daily archive of media portal homepages since 2009. This content enables research and qualitative media assessments for academic or competitive analysis purposes. The automatic monitoring service can be customized according to the objectives of the company.

Editorial consulting

We specialize in improving the performance of news coverage through exclusive tools and methodologies

We compare the news coverage performance of our clients with that of their competitors with analysis, identification of points to be improved, and recommendations for corrective actions. The consultancy includes the assessment of data veracity and ethics in reporting, identification of errors, or omissions of important information and suggestions for improvement.


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